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Первые результаты CARE опубликованы

ноябрь 2019

Всего за десять месяцев деятельности партнеры CARE создали надежную инфраструктуру по разрешению этических вопросов, обмену данными и образцами для широкой сети сотрудничества в борьбе с ВИЧ, туберкулезом и гепатитом С. Уже опубликованы три статьи по устойчивости и эпидемиологии ВИЧ-1, а на EACS 2019 будет представлен плакат «Подтип A6 ВИЧ-1: его сложная идентификация и молекулярная эпидемиология в Южной России» (S. Sierra et al.).


EU Grant 


until June 2021 

July 2020

Due to the exceptional circumstances generated by the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, the Consortium obtained a no cost extension (NCE) of the EU Grant  for 6 months. The project is therefore extended until June 2021. The overall duration of the action is reshaped in 30 months in order to reach all the project objectives.



December 2019

Capacity-building activities of the CARE project have started at Siena University: a group of researchers from the Gamaleya Center (Russia) are now hosted in Italy for attending training modules, coordinated by Prof. Zazzi.  


CARE at EACS 2019

30 сентябрь 2019

The poster entitled "HIV-1 A6 Subtype: its challenging identification and Southern Russian molecular epidemiology" (S. Sierra et al.) will be presented during the EACS 2019 international conference, to be held in Basel on November 6-9 2019. The poster is based on research carried out in CARE.


Проект CARE начало

23-24 январь 2019

Заседание по проекту CARE состоялось в Риме.

В уютной атмосфере древнего Рима, в рамках Foro Boario и Bocca della Verità, партнеры со всей Европы и России обсудили детали тяжелой работы, которую предстоит выполнить в проекте.


CARE presented at the NDPHS Expert GroupMeeting 

November 2020

The CARE project was presented at the Expert Group on HIV, TB and Associated infections of the Nordic Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being. The project results and plans, considered “impressive” by the Expert Group International Technical Advisor Dr. Dmitry Titkov, were received with interest and fuelled the intention to further cooperate. Slides available also in Russian version.


“Joint efforts against infectious diseases: HIV, TB, HCV” 

January 2020

The “Joint efforts against infectious diseases: HIV, TB, HCV” Conference has been held successfully in Moscow on January 27th.  
The conference was organised jointly by: the European Union (EU), the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation (MSHE), the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (MOH); and by the two projects funded by the EU and the MSHE under a joint call of the Horizon 2020 Programme: our CARE project and ARREST-TB. 


First CARE results published

November 2019

In only ten months of activity the CARE partners created a solid ethics permissions, data and samples sharing infrastructure for a wide network of collaboration against HIV, TB and HCV. Already three papers​ have been published on HIV-1 resistance and epidemiology and the poster "HIV-1 A6 Subtype: its challenging identification and Southern Russian molecular epidemiology" (S. Sierra et al.) will be presented at EACS 2019!

Articolo 1.png

CARE в новостях

24 январь 2019

"Il Sole 24 ore", среди крупнейших газет Италии, озаглавил проект CARE:

«Горизонт 2020: Италия, координатор проекта по ВИЧ, туберкулезу и гепатиту С».


The CARE project endorses the Manifesto for EU Covid-19 research

October 2020

The Manifesto prepares the ground for products and solutions resulting from EU research Grants, to be scaled up, available and affordable for all. 


mappa europa russia.jpg


December 2019

Thanks to the data and samples sharing infrastructure created by the CARE partners, since December 2019 samples from Russia are being delivered to Cologne University (Germany), Karolinska Institute (Sweden) and Siena University (Italy). An official channel for the exchange of biological material is set up among European and Russian centers for research purposes: another successful step toward the network of collaboration against HIV, TB and HCV. 

Prohiv 2019.jpeg


23 сентябрь 2019

Проект CARE представлен на международной конференции PROHIV 2019, которая пройдет в Москве 23-24 сентября 2019 года.

Articolo 2.png

CARE в новостях

24 январь 2019

CORDIS публикует информацию о стартовой встрече CARE в разделе «События».

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