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Infrastructure set-up

Leading partner: EuResist Network (Italy)

As a foundation for all its activities, the CARE network realizes a durable network of collaboration amongst European and Russian centres, fully operative for ideas, data and samples sharing. This requires specific activities whose main objectives are: 
•    the realization, implementation and monitoring of the CARE Data Management and Quality Assurance Plans
•    the set-up of the Ethics and Legal infrastructure to authorise data and samples exchange amongst the partners involved in the various activities
•    the set-up of the IT infrastructure for data collection in the different studies towards the adoption of standards for data collection, storage and exchange. 


The CARE collaborative research infrastructure is aimed to sustain the scientific cooperation also after the project lifetime. 

Ongoing results

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Heading 1

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Data exchange



Samples exchange  

The Consortium partners have put a tremendous and successful effort in building the approval infrastructure that permits the full functioning of the CARE research activities: 

  • The external Ethics Review Board has been established, the relevant Plans have been delivered and implemented.

  • Since January 2020 all the necessary ethics permissions have been granted, including for shipment of samples from Russia to Europe. 

  • Clinical data and biological samples transfer have started and data and samples collection is already finalised for some activities.

  • The IT infrastructure for data collection has been realised adopting existing standards wherever possible. The REDCAP interface has been adopted in Russia for HIV genomics data and in Tuscany for HCV data, while the realisation of a local databases is ongoing adopting the HICDEP structure. The EuResistIDB data collection structure has been adopted for the HIV resistance data collection. 

This allowed the scientific work to start both in labs, on already and newly collected samples, and on data analysis.


An excellent spirit of collaboration has been established among the partners, which fosters the research activities, with partners supporting each other and undertaking extra efforts when necessary.

Training sessions have been held in Russia as well as young researchers training stays: two young researchers from Moscow, Gamaleya, have been trained for two months at University of Siena Virology Lab. 

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